Belinda M

Contemporary Art - Painter - Sculpture - Clay - Leather - Mixed Media

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Baby Face Leather

What is an Artist?

In my opinion, it is anyone who finds interest or pleasure in color, texture, balance, composition, or how things should be put together. Considering the simplest of things, including how you decorate your own home may show your own artistic flair. One day, somebody called me an "Artist." Honestly, I was quite surprised. That title always belonged, in my opinion to those who were of the high regard in the art world and making a living at their trade.

I have been a fashion designer in clothing, shoes, and handbags, and moved on from there to experiment in everything possible. It has been fun in that I have had total freedom to do whatever I wanted to try. Along the way, there have been some huge flops, but a few successes too.I will continue to add the successes to this site for you to see. The flops I will keep to myself!